Providing the online infrastructure to connect hundreds of funders working to address the structural challenges facing girls of color

Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) - NoVo Foundation - 2015-2019

Project: We have been honored to work with the NoVo Foundation to create the online infrastructure for the Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) initiative.

Objective: Create online tools and produce online communications for growing network of funders working to address the structural challenges facing girls and young women of color in the U.S.  

Components: Built and maintain the G4GC website. Created and maintain the G4GC newsletter, funder listserv, social media presence, email inbox, and event RSVP process. Produced the 2016 convening's microsite, booklet, and graphics. Conduct ongoing searches for new resources and events to share through the G4GC website, newsletter, and social media.

Result and Real World Impact:  The G4GC website we launched in 2015 is now the number one top result in Google when searching for information on girls of color. More than 100 funders attended the first-ever G4GC convening in New York City in May 2016. More than 800 people are subscribed to the G4GC newsletter. More than 100 funders have opted into the network’s private funder listserv.  The G4GC network of funders continues to expand, and is just part of a growing transnational movement to address the structural challenges girls and young women of color face and to tap into their existing power as leaders.

Ginny has been integral to the Grantmakers for Girls of Color initiative from the start. Her proactive digital skills combined with her broader sense for communication with the philanthropic community has made her a perfect fit for this project. We love her strategic wit, practicality, and flexibility. She’s low drama and always reliable in follow through, which has been immensely helpful and refreshing.
— Joe Voeller, Communications Director, the NoVo Foundation
Ginny Simmons