Creating interactive digital content to expand the reach of immigrant rights advocacy

National Immigration Law Center - 2016

Project: We teamed up with the attorneys and advocates at the National Immigration Law Center to craft interactive digital content to help better explain and advance immigration rights cases and policies in the U.S.

Objective: Create digital products that help explain complex legal concepts to a broad audience on social media.

Components: Crafted scripts and content. Produced interactive online charts, animated videos, complex infographics, social media messaging, and online ad plans. Directed strategic online outreach and online fundraising strategies. 

Result: The videos and infographics we produced with NILC generated an exponential increase in online engagement, including a video on the Supreme Court case US v Texas that reached more than 310 times a typical NILC post. NILC's Facebook following has increased more than 50% since we began our partnership. 

Real World Impact:  The digital content we created helped expand NILC’s reach and aid immigrant families in better understanding their rights as well as what's at stake with pending legislation and policies. 

Ginny has become an essential component of National Immigration Law Center communications strategies. Under her guidance, we have experienced a 50% increase in Facebook traffic. She has worked with us to break down complex legal issues for larger audiences. Ginny deftly manages projects from start to finish without forgetting the details, which often make the difference between a well-made video that reaches a modest audience and a well-made video that causes your audience to grow. I don’t know what I would do without her!
— Adela de la Torre, Communications Director, National Immigration Law Center
What's happening in US v Texas and why has work authorization become such a critical issue? Find out in 90 seconds.

*Created in Partnership with the brilliant team at NewsBound.

Ginny Simmons