“Ginny was a dream collaborator on the ACLU’s #FreeSlahi campaign. Guantánamo advocacy is delicate and difficult, and Ginny not only expertly grasped the nuances of this work but also made things run much more smoothly. She skillfully coordinated multiple institutional partners (never an easy task!) and was responsible for landing key celebrity supporters when the campaign most needed them. Working with Ginny was one of the highlights of my experience on this campaign, and I would sign up to work with her again without hesitation.”

- Sara Gold, Email and Online Campaigns Manager, American Civil Liberties Union

“Ginny has been integral to the Grantmakers for Girls of Color initiative from the start. Her proactive digital skills, combined with her broader sense for communication with the philanthropic community has made her a perfect fit for this project. We love her strategic wit, practicality, and flexibility. She’s low drama and always reliable in follow through, which has been immensely helpful and refreshing”

- Joe Voeller, Communications Director, the NoVo Foundation



“Ginny has become an essential component of National Immigration Law Center communications strategies. Under her guidance, we have experienced a 50% increase in Facebook traffic. She has worked with us to break down complex legal issues for larger audiences. Ginny deftly manages projects from start to finish without forgetting the details, which often make the difference between a well-made video that reaches a modest audience and a well-made video that causes your audience to grow. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

- Adela de la Torre, Communications Director, National Immigration Law Center

“It was great to have Ginny and her team’s brain power and support behind Equal Rights Advocates’ Equal Pay Day 2015 digital campaign. Without them, we never would have been able to so succinctly and accessibly distill really complicated information about the gender wage gap into shareable social bites. The success of that digital campaign directly contributed to the passage of the California Fair Pay Act, the strongest equal pay law this country’s ever seen. I also really appreciate the humor and compassion that seem to be hallmarks of their style.”

– Cynthia Foster, Communications Manager, Equal Rights Advocates